How long do trials last?
Trials generally last around 2hours sometimes a little more sometimes a little less – it often depends on if you know what you want or if I need to try a couple of styles.

What’s the maximum number of people I can have for hair and makeup?
There isn’t one.  We’ll send all the assistants you need to ensure everyone is ready in time.  Once you have booked myself or one of the team for your wedding the head artist will then find an assistant to suit your bridal party (or team of assistants of the same level) who will help ensure your bridal party is all ready in time.

Can I book Kate before having a trial with her?
Yes.  We’d all rather do a trial as it makes it much less stressful on the day but for some people it just isn’t possible to organise – if this is the case we usually try and face time with you first so we can have a chat about ideas.

Will my makeup last all day?
Yes.  All makeup applied is designed to last all day and have you looking flawless at midnight.  I always suggest to my brides that you may wish to carry a translucent powder to stop any shine building up.  It can also be handy to have a concealer on hand just in case.  All artists will be using waterproof mascara just in case you get a little emotional during the ceremony. It is recommended that you buy a lipstick as you will need to touch this up during the day especially after all those drinks.

What brands do you use?
Kate and all the team only stock high end products in their kits including Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Makeup Forever, Nars, Laura Mercier and many more.

What is your refund policy if I am not happy?
At the initial booking stage you will only pay a deposit as well as paying for your trial. Trial fees and booking fees are non-refundable as you are paying that artist or myself for their time to work with you during your trial and turn down any other work on your wedding date.  

When should I have my hair & makeup trial?
We usually recommend you have your hair and makeup trial 2-4 months before your wedding as by then you should know what dress you’ll be wearing and any other factors/ colour schemes that may influence your hair and makeup choice. Don’t worry you can always have a second trial nearer to the wedding day if you want to.                               

When do I need to book my hair & makeup artist? 
Wedding planning is so intense and can be really stressful.  There is so much to do at once. Before you get too lost in looking for your perfect bridal look you need to make sure you have the perfect artist.  Your photographer, florist, and hair and makeup artist will all be there in person on the day therefore they can only do one wedding a day!  Don’t miss out on finding the right artist for you.

How do I choose my hair and makeup artist?
Look for someone who is showing work that suits your style.  When looking for a hair and makeup artist look for images within their portfolio that show hair and makeup looks similar to how you wish to have your hair and makeup on the day.

Travel do you come to me? 
Yes.  Our wedding day hair and makeup service is fully mobile meaning we will always travel to you on the wedding day, even if your getting married abroad.  Trials can be held at mine or the artists home or studio.

Do I need to do touch ups?
Your makeup will last all day, however we do offer a ‘Touch up’ service too. Kate or the team will stay behind for touch ups or for a slight change of look – Speak to Kate about getting a separate quote for this.

Should I look at wedding inspiration on Pinterest?
Yes –  Looking for hair inspiration on Pinterest is great and can be really helpful for your artist but try and look for hair types similar to your colour and thickness.  You may need to get hair extensions to volumise the style up slightly and recreate the perfect hair look for you.  What’s most helpful with regards to your makeup is a picture of when you have had makeup done before and really liked it, or if you haven’t liked it and why.

Should I get hair extensions for my wedding?
Kate is also qualified in hair extensions so speak to her about getting these fitted if you feel this will help your look. There are so many options from clip in extensions to tapes and micro rings. You can have them in just for the day or you can opt for hair extensions for the run up to your wedding and honeymoon.

Do you recommend Lash Extensions? 
We love lash extensions.  I also love individuals that I can apply for you on the day.  If you like to scrub your face at the end of the day may not be for you.  Your artist will be more than happy to talk through options with you at your trial to select either semi-permanent lash extensions or individual or strip lashes.  There is a lash for everyone.

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