Sinead's Bio

My journey as a makeup artist so far has lead me to experience jobs within different industries, where I’ve met some amazing and unique people, it’s a dream to be able to describe my job as ‘FUN’. I’ve found the journey to grow as a makeup artist continues over the years. You learn something new every day and this is what I love about my job the most. Constantly developing and critiquing my work and pushing myself to paint outside the lines. I guess I’ve always been creative and had a passion for dancing from a very young age. After working as a professional dancer for many years I always knew my lifetime job would be physical and creating shapes of some kind. I remember watching films as a teenager and thinking how cool it would be to work on something like that and be involved in the making of it. I’d always be fascinated with the gory ‘special effects’ stuff and wondered how it was so horrifyingly good! From then on my research and training as a professional makeup artist in 2010 began.

After my training at Greasepaint, I gained many years experience in TV / Film and fashion. Then I was asked to do my first wedding job, it was something new and I was excited to see how it would go and if I would like it. As it turned out I pretty much fell in love with it. It is so nice to be a part of such a special day, and I really enjoy every minute of it. From the initial trial day right up till the finishing touches on the wedding day, theres something really wonderful that comes with achieving every brides dream, to make her look and feel her best on what is probably one of the most special days of their lives.

I am a big fan of creating makeup looks that suit the individual and bring out the best in someones features. I love a flawless skin / red carpet style makeup and creating up-do hairstyles with texture. I couldn’t live without my DR Lipp lip balm (originally nipple balm) which can also be used on lips, eyes &, cheeks. Its great for adding a touch of gloss to specific areas, giving the skin a fresh dewy glow. ( I can never leave the house without lip balm!)

It’s such a pleasure to look back on all the images I’ve received from my brides and to read some of their lovely feedback really makes it all worth while and one of the reasons why I will continue to work within the bridal industry.

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